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Handcrafted Olive Wood Gifts From BETHLEHEM

Olive Wood Christmas Gifts from the Holy land

Unique Wooden Crafts Made from the Olive Trees of the Holy Land

BLESSED HOLY GIFTS to you from the place of birth of CHRISTIANITY

Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem

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Wooden Nativity

Crucifixes & Crosses

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Bring the blessings of the Holy Land to your home or church

Bring the Blessing of the Holy Land into your Life!

We at Bethlehem Gifts Store, provide the Christian Community around the world a way to have a wide selection of handcrafted Bethlehem olive wood religious gifts to bring peace and blessing to their Churches and homes.

We have interacted with lots of people in the US and have found out how eager and excited they are to add Bethlehem olive tree wood products to their place of worship as well as their usual place of dwelling. In the Holy Land, our homeland, we have people who are dependent on the sale of these Holy Land olive wood gifts to the growing Christian Communities all over the world, especially to the one in the US. So, by buying these gifts like the handcrafted ornaments and other gifts, you are supporting the livelihood of Christians, the people who are striving to keep the Faith alive amidst desperate circumstances.

These gifts come straight from the birthplace of Jesus Christ, our Savior.

We offer wholesale olive wood products that include special Christmas Items, Statues/Figurines, Holy Rosary, Olive Wood Crucifixes & Crosses, Plaques, and more. We offer you lots of options to fill your houses and Churches with the love of Jesus.

We have a showroom in the US as well that showcases some of  our products. You can place an order online or pay us a visit if you can. Whether you want to place individual Holy Land olive wood gift orders for your home/Church or have wholesale olive wood products required for your Christian gifts store in the US – we can fulfill all your orders no matter how big or small they are.

All the olive wood products featured here are handcrafted by the artists of the Bethlehem Christian Community for the world wide Christian Community. May He strengthen the Faith of these communities and bring them happiness, prosperity and peace.

The Christians of the Holy Land are the descendants and inheritors of the early Christians. Their presence around the Holy Sites ensures these places remain living communities of faith rather than bare, stony ruins. They look in hope to the Christian Community in the United States to support them in their time of trial. Your purchase helps them not to flee the Holy Land and supports their continued presence in the place of birth of Christianity.

May God bless you all


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Blessed Christmas Gifts from the place of birth of Jesus Christ, from BETHLEHEM.
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