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Handcrafted Olive Wood Gifts From BETHLEHEM

Unique Wooden Crafts Made from the Olive Trees of the Holy Land

BLESSED HOLY GIFTS to you from the place of birth of CHRISTIANITY

Blessed support from you to BETHLEHEM CHRISTIAN COMMUNITY 

May your gift strengthens your FAITH and brings you HIS PEACE


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christmas tree ornaments

God Bless & Prayers

Praying Hands

wooden nativity

Crucifixes & Crosses

Holy Rosaries

Special Gifts

Statues & Figurines

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Handcrafted in Bethlehem. We are proud to offer perfect quality olive wood gifts and friendly service. Your order supports the continued presence of Christianity in the place of birth of Jesus our Savior.

Learn About the Holy Land

Interested in visiting the birthplace of Our Savior? We offer unique connections with group pilgrimage tours so you can walk in His footsteps. Contact us to see how you can save by coordinating your pilgrimage through Bethlehem Gifts. Exceptional services and competitive prices, GUARANTEED.


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