Frequently Asked Questions:

We value our customers and will do the best to meet your expectation. We believe that, in addition to buying and selling we do together, we share BLESSINGS.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us through live chat, text, e-mail, or by phone.

What is “Bethlehem Gifts”?

Bethlehem Gifts is a Christian organization owned and run by Christian family from Bethlehem. Established in 2003 as the first online store for religious olive wood crafts, handcrafted in Bethlehem, in the Holy land.

What makes Bethlehem Gifts Special?

  1. We carry a wide range of mostly ordered product, at a very low and reasonable prices that you won’t find anywhere else. Be aware that handcrafts are quality, art and skill. We offer great quality at unmatched low prices. We have happy customers/ friends.
  2. We ship same day and deliver in 2-5 days. We ship internationally and deliver in 6-14 days.
  3. Contact us, talk to us, chat with us, we are eager to talk to you and answer your questions and needs. Our customers turn to be our friends. We strive to over exceed your expectation.

Can I order an item that is not listed online?

Yes, you can. Simply provide all the necessary info regarding this item, and a picture if available, and then contact us. We will give you an estimate about the cost and the time of delivery. There are plenty of items in the market; we strive to provide you with the bestselling items.

Can I return any of the ordered items?

Every item is carefully inspected before it is shipped. Utmost care taken in packing orders. If any of the ordered items is defective or damaged, please contact us immediately.

Returns are allowed if made within 3 days of receiving the order. You need to get approval for a return before you return any of your order contents. Returned products must be in absolutely new and unused condition with original packaging. If any damages while shipping your return, additional charges may apply. You will be responsible for all shipping charges; shipping costs are not refunded. If you are asking for replacement, no additional charges for you.

Can I pick up my order and save on shipping?

YES, if you are local, or you can make it to our location, you can pick up your order and save on shipping. Place your order online like you would normally do. Leave a note with your order or give us a call and let us know when you are able to pick up your order. Shipping charges will be refunded to you once you pickup your order.

Can I visit your store rather than online order?

YES, you may do that. Give us a call for arrangements. Please note that this is not a physical store. This is an online store, but we offer to locals, to stop by and pick up their orders, or see and compare specific items of interest. Browse our site and narrow your interests. Customers like to come in person, to compare items for different grains and quality. It’s a great chance to feel the product you are buying, since each product is unique, and customers have different preferences. YOU ARE ALWAYS WELCOME. Even if you decided not to buy at this time. Give us a call.

Do you have "price match" policy?

YES, send us a link to any of the products of interest, and will do our best to give you even better price than any competitor. We pride ourselves with best handcrafted quality and best affordable, competitive and reasonable prices.

Where can I track my order?

When your order is shipped, you will get an email that your order is complete with tracking info.

Do you sell on Amazon?

Currently we DO NOT sell on Amazon, but we may start doing that in the future. When we sell on Amazon or any other platform, we will list products as Bethlehem Gifts, not any other name.

We had many customers call us regarding orders they placed on Amazon, and we found that they ordered through Bethlehem Gifts TM, or

We are not affiliated nor related to those two companies, and any experience you may have with them, please direct your communication to them.

Where are you located?

We are local in the USA, we have been online since 2003, have address, contact number and e-mail. We can be reached 24/7/365. We stand behind our quality products and services, as we value our customers and strive for their satisfaction.

Do you ship to Europe?

We ship worldwide, most of our customers are from Europe. Same day shipping, 6-12 days delivery depending on your country’s customs procedures and timing.