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  • Christmas Gifts

    Christmas Gifts (107)

    Christmas Gifts from Bethlehem, hand crafted from Olive Wood. Bethlehem is the place where Christmas had all started. Gifts include Olive Wood Nativity Sets, Music Boxes and Olive Wood Chritmas Tree Ornaments. All other Olive Wood Gifts are as perfect as Christmas Gifts; Crucifixes, Rosaries, Statues and more.
  • Holy Rosary

    Holy Rosary (105)

    Blessed Holy Rosary from Bethlehem. Hand crafted from the olive wood of the Holy land. A "must have" for Catholics and other Christians who pray the rosary. Keep the Holy Rosary in your car, office or home, and gift it to someone you care about. A Holy Rosary is a blessing from the Holy land. How to Pray the Rosary?
  • Olive Wood Crucifixes & Crosses (109)

    A crucifix or a Cross for every room, pocket and car. This collection of crosses and crucifixes comes directly from Bethlehem artists. Materials used are: Olive wood, Mahogany wood, Mother of Pearl, Abalone, and silver metallic corpus. These blessed gifts are hand crafted in Bethlehem. A crucifix in your room or house is a "must" for a Christian, for it represents Jesus sacrifice and presence in our daily life so we may follow his footsteps in life. Blessings to you all from the Holy land. What is a Crucifix and what is a Cross? Read more...
  • Plaques

    Plaques (53)

    Hand crafted olive wood plaques from Bethlehem. Plaques include Holy Family, Blessed Mother and Child, Last supper, God bless Our Home, The Lord's prayer, Hail Mary, and Holy water fonts. Handmade form olive wood, Mahogany wood, and ceramic clay alabaster. Holy samples of Earth, Incense, or Olive leaves from Jerusalem maybe included within vials. This is a great "must have" blessing you should keep at home.
  • Special Gifts

    Special Gifts (134)

    Special Gifts of assorted variety of gifts from Bethlehem.  Our gifts include handcrafted olive woods rosary boxes, praying hands, anointing fragranced oil from Jerusalem, Holy samples from Jerusalem: earth, water, olive oil, incense, and rocks. Gifts more many occasions: baptism, confirmation, wedding, new house, graduation, and much more. Keep part of the blessed Holy land in your home, for blessings and protection.
  • Statues & Figurines

    Statues & Figurines (90)

    Olive wood Statues & Figurines, handcrafted in Bethlehem, in the Holy land. The most popular, best selling and most affordable designs. Olive wood from the Olive Trees of Bethlehem and Jerusalem. Best grains of dry wooden statues of Holy Family, Jesus Christ, Blessed Mother, Angels, and Saints. Bring the blessings from the Blessed Holy Land Tree to your home and family.