Exploring the Hidden Significance of the Olive Wood in all Bethlehem Handicrafts

According to many references to the religious and culinary uses of olives and olive oil that is mentioned in the Holy Bible, we get to see that since ancient times, Olive groves had its roots in the Holy Land. You might recall in the Old Testament, Genesis 8:11, Noah sent out a dove from his ark, and it returned with an olive twig in its beak, which became the symbol of goodwill and peace.

Traditionally portraying a symbol of health and serenity, olive wood is extensively used in Bethlehem, the Holy birthplace of Jesus Christ, to make handmade wooden Holy Family figurines and other blessed gifts. As mentioned in the Holy Bible, the Christian faith is affiliated with the olive tree because Jesus Christ, after the Last Supper, prayed under an olive tree before his crucifixion. Also, the cross on which Jesus was crucified was made out of olive wood, cut from the olive trees near the Gethsemane garden in Jerusalem. Representing and standing as a perfect personification of the history of the Holy Land, the olive tree has been rightly called “The Peace Tree”, “The Sacred Tree”, and “The Tree of Light”.

The exquisite Bethlehem handicrafts have gained their popularity all around the globe owing to their fine designs and smooth and polished finish. All these wooden family figurines are hand carved by pruning the olive trees, which helps the trees to have a healthier growth and generate environmental stability.

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